Sunday, 11 January 2015

My 2015 Life Resolutions/Goals!

So I was extremely late getting on the 2015 bandwagon. Lets just say that spending New Years Eve at home with a chest infection wasn't the most fantastic start, but as my holidays come to an end and going back to work is only 10 hours around the corner its safe to say that I know what I would like to get out of this year. Looking back I seem to have just floated through 2014 without working on myself or really working on anything that I really enjoyed. So this defiantly will be the year for me!

Getting organised

I am the worst when it comes to organisation which is horrible because I am the biggest stress head when I'm not organised fancy that rite. With working full time in Real Estate, promoting my Body Shop hobby and focusing on my blogging I need to get seriously organised. So me being me who always find an excuse to buy something new I went online to  kikki-k and purchased their gorgeous Lilac medium time planner and also the matching Ipad Air case ( I couldn't resist). They are currently having a 50% of sale so jump on over and check it out!

Looking after my skin

I have always been really bad with this! I am extremely lazy and then complain when my skin is always breaking out. So that's is it i am going to make sure that I remove my makeup every night before I go to sleep and ensure that I am using good quality products. I think that is why I was so excited that In this months Bella Box I received the full size Kora Organics face mask OMG it is amazing. This has made me want to go and spend some serious $$$$ on their range. 

Live a healthy lifestyle

My worst habit at the moment is eating utter crap! This year will be different. My partner and I will be focusing on meal planning and eating healthy. I went out and purchased some Mason Jars and have started to experiment and will do some post on this! My first experiment was overnight oats in the mason jars and I tell you what I am IN LOVE. I will be doing a recipe post on this soon,

what aspects of yourself or life are you wanting to working on this year I would love to hear about them.

 Corrine xoxo

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