Friday, 29 March 2013

Neutrogena Oil Free Combination Skin Moisturizer

I picked this product about a month ago and I love it. It is a light lotion, absorbs very quickly and it moisturises my dry spots without causing other areas to get oily.
The product is oil free and you only have to use the tiniest bit. So far it hasn’t broken me out either which many other products have. The packaging is simple and I like the fact that it has a pump.
 I recommend this product to anyone who has combination skin like me!
I would love to know what your thoughts are on this product.

Sleek's Limited Edition 'Me, Myself & Eye' Shadow Palette & Swatches

Now I know this is a beauty blog but as of late I got carried away and havnt posted any beauty items! Today I was sorting through my stash and founds some long lost items that I forgot I had. One of them being my this Sleek palette which I only used a few times and than totally forgot about.

The colour of these shadows are adorable and most I found were very pigmented. There are some matte colours and some shimmer ones. The colours look like they are a little too bright in the palette but the payoff is beautiful.

I bought this palette off Ebay as you cannot get Sleek in Australia and will be repurchasing more palettes in the future as I think they are great qaulity and are not to pricey.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

What I never did before blogging....the beauty edition TAG

Hello Dolls,

I saw a Tag post from Clare at A Bit of This and That  and thought why not give it a try! I must admit I have picked up a lot more since blogging myself, reading blogs and watching YouTube which I must say is so addictive.

1. Before blogging, I never washed my brushes on a regular basis always put it off as much as I could which always resulted in me having more brushes to clean!

2. Before blogging, I never looked after my skin. Now I really like to try different products as much as possible I must admit I’m still pretty lazy but I do not fall asleep with my make up on anymore.

3. Before blogging, I never really used up products. I was horrible at buying something and using it a few times and then it would sit in my bathroom cabinet until I re discovered it. Now I love using up as many products as possible it’s a great feeling and also helps with my empties posts!

4. Before blogging I stuck to only buying affordable products from the pharmacy or supermarket. I have now starting splurging on good quality products that last longer and are better payoff than the cheaper brands but I still love a bargain.

Well that’s it guys I’m going to be short and sweet!  I now TAG every one of you who reads this you will be surprised by what you do differently now!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Happy Easter!!!

I know I’m early however I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Easter, I hope you all get chocolate wasted I know I plan too!  Hopefully with the 4 day weekend I can sit down and do some blogging as I have had no time as of late working 6 days a week. I also look forward to trying my best to blog why I am in Thailand in a few weeks!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Top 10 Favourite TV Shows

What can I say!  I love my TV shows and I'm such a sucker for reality TV, there is nothing like being snuggled up with junk food on a Saturday or Friday night watching movies or your favourite TV shows. I will soon be doing my favourite movies post.

    True Blood

   Geordie Shore

    Jersey Shore

     Vampire Diaries

     Snooki & Jwoww

     Ghost Hunters


     Hart of Dixie

      Keeping up with the Kardashians

   Law & Order SVU

 I hope you guys liked this post, would love to know of any other good  TV series to get into!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Today Im Wearing

Today I am wearing OPI Plugged In Plum and on top a half coat of China Glaze Make A Spectacle. Im really loving these colours together. I am hoping to do post like this more often. I know I have been MIA and I am currently trying to sort out a blogging schedule so I can post more often.