Thursday, 28 March 2013

What I never did before blogging....the beauty edition TAG

Hello Dolls,

I saw a Tag post from Clare at A Bit of This and That  and thought why not give it a try! I must admit I have picked up a lot more since blogging myself, reading blogs and watching YouTube which I must say is so addictive.

1. Before blogging, I never washed my brushes on a regular basis always put it off as much as I could which always resulted in me having more brushes to clean!

2. Before blogging, I never looked after my skin. Now I really like to try different products as much as possible I must admit I’m still pretty lazy but I do not fall asleep with my make up on anymore.

3. Before blogging, I never really used up products. I was horrible at buying something and using it a few times and then it would sit in my bathroom cabinet until I re discovered it. Now I love using up as many products as possible it’s a great feeling and also helps with my empties posts!

4. Before blogging I stuck to only buying affordable products from the pharmacy or supermarket. I have now starting splurging on good quality products that last longer and are better payoff than the cheaper brands but I still love a bargain.

Well that’s it guys I’m going to be short and sweet!  I now TAG every one of you who reads this you will be surprised by what you do differently now!

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