Friday, 29 March 2013

Sleek's Limited Edition 'Me, Myself & Eye' Shadow Palette & Swatches

Now I know this is a beauty blog but as of late I got carried away and havnt posted any beauty items! Today I was sorting through my stash and founds some long lost items that I forgot I had. One of them being my this Sleek palette which I only used a few times and than totally forgot about.

The colour of these shadows are adorable and most I found were very pigmented. There are some matte colours and some shimmer ones. The colours look like they are a little too bright in the palette but the payoff is beautiful.

I bought this palette off Ebay as you cannot get Sleek in Australia and will be repurchasing more palettes in the future as I think they are great qaulity and are not to pricey.

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